Speaker Bios

Gord Miller - (day 1 keynote speaker)
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Gordon Miller
Gord Miller was first sworn in as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario on January 31, 2000, to oversee the continued implementation of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). He has now been re-appointed for his third term. As an independent officer appointed by the Legislative Assembly, Commissioner Miller oversees 13 ministries and monitors and reports annually on:
  • Government compliance with the provisions of the EBR
  • Government progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Activities in Ontario to reduce the use or make more efficient use of electricity, natural gas, propane, oil and transportation fuels
Prior to his appointment as Environmental Commissioner on January 31, 2000, Gord Miller worked as a scientist in pollution abatement and in environmental education and training. As Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller has released twelve annual reports, seven special reports, four Greenhouse Gas Progress Reports and four Energy Conservation Progress Reports to the Ontario Legislature.

Jim Hoggan - (day 2 keynote speaker)
Hoggan & Associates Inc.
and Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation
Jim Hoggan
Jim Hoggan is one of Canada’s most respected public-relations professionals and the president and owner of the Vancouver PR firm Hoggan & Associates.

A law school graduate with a longstanding passion for social justice, Jim also serves as chair of the David Suzuki Foundation—Canada's most influential environmental organization—and as a Trustee of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.

Jim is the cofounder of Stonehouse Standing Circle, an innovative public-engagement and communications think-tank, and the former chair of The Climate Project Canada—Al Gore’s global education and advocacy organization. He also led the Province of British Columbia’s Green Energy Advisory Task Force on Community Relations and First Nations Partnerships.

Jim is the co-founder of the influential website DeSmogBlog, chosen as one of Time Magazine's Best Blogs for 2011. He is the author of two books, Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for Skeptical Public, and Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming. He speaks, writes, and presents widely on public attitudes toward sustainability, climate change, and the environment.
Nigel Marsh
President and Conference Chair
Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh, president of NCM GOVEVENTS, graduated in Marketing with a focus on International Business from BCIT.

He has been passionate about the environment since the late eighties where he was involved in the promotion and distribution of organically grown fruits and vegetables throughout Canada, US and Europe. Since then he has been assisting companies on their marketing efforts into Canadian and US governments. To further assist companies and government in connecting with each other he launched NCM GOVPAGES, a national suppliers directory. In working with GOVPAGES Nigel has made efforts to identify suppliers who have sustainable products and services that are third party green certified. His goal is to continue to provide the public sector with effective solutions to be more sustainable.

In the last few years Nigel has worked diligently to create educational and informative events that bring together members of the public and private sector to facilitate environmental initiatives and best practices. With past conference successes, Nigel continues to bring these 2 sectors together annually to learn about new innovative greening ideas and allowing delegates to share their experiences with a group of like-minded individuals who are truly passionate about making positive environmental changes.

Mayor Mark Gerretsen
City of Kingston Ontario
Mark Gerretsen is Kingston born and raised and has always advocated for the betterment of his community. Mark Gerretsen was elected the 95th mayor of the City of Kingston on October 25, 2010. Prior to that election, Mark served one term as the City Councillor for Portsmouth District, from 2006 to 2010. He has been a member of several boards and committees throughout the region including KEDCO (Kingston Economic Development Committee), the Kingston Affordable Housing Development Committee, Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Health Unit, The Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee, and Focus Kingston.

Mark has always been a champion for environmental issues. He initiated the city's involvement in Earth Hour and introduced the city's Green Fleet Policy, which ensures the city purchases only the most environmentally friendly vehicles whenever possible. He would like to make better use of the waters surrounding Kingston for residents and visitors and recognizes that Kingston has a great opportunity to develop numerous green jobs, a practice that has already been put in motion with the Wolfe Island Wind Farm and St. Lawrence College's new Wind Turbine Technician Programs. He actively pushed plans for the revitalization of a more family-friendly Lake Ontario Park and brought forward a motion to install renewable energy generation facilities throughout the city to offset the consumption of electricity in municipal buildings.
Toby Heaps
Co-Founder and President
Corporate Knights
Toby Heaps
Toby Heaps is the co-founder and president of Corporate Knights Inc, an independent Canadian-based social enterprise focused on prompting and reinforcing sustainable development in Canada and abroad. Having launched Corporate Knights in 2002, the magazine is the world’s largest circulation magazine dedicated to the subject of responsible business. In 2005, Toby spearheaded the first global ranking of the world’s most sustainable corporations, which is now an annual staple of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Global 100 has been published by Newsweek, Business Week and Forbes. In 2008, Toby also served as a Press Secretary to Ralph Nader. Toby has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in Economics, with a minor in International Development and has played a significant role in various initiatives related to climate change, focused awareness, education and collaboration.
Philip Jessup
LightSavers Canada
Canadian Urban Institute
Phil Jessup
Phil Jessup has worked professionally on climate and energy issues for 25 years. He recently became Director, LightSavers Canada, a national LED market transformation program sponsored by the Canadian Urban Institute with funding from the Government of Canada. He previously directed The Climate Group’s global LED market transformation program, working with large cities such as London, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong to facilitate major LED streetlight projects. Phil is also a consultant to the World Bank, assisting their carbon financing of LED streetlighting projects in Asia. Phil served as Executive Director of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF), a City of Toronto agency, for nine years. Prior to TAF, he developed a 350 global municipal climate solutions network, the Cities for Climate Protection, under the auspices of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability. He has served on numerous boards, most recently as a director of Manitoba Hydro. Philip’s specialities include; strategic environmental planning; municipal leadership; market transformation practice; advanced lighting technologies; NGO governance and management.
Jim Harris
Author, Management Consultant
& Professional Speaker
Eric Novak

Jim Harris is a one of North America’s foremost management consultants, authors and thinkers on sustainability, change, leadership. Association magazine ranked him as one of North America’s top ten speakers. As a management consultant Jim works internationally, conducting strategic planning sessions with executive teams, and speaking at conferences on the most pressing issues:

  • Sustainability as a strategic advantage
  • How going green drives profitability
  • Blindsided!
  • Innovation, Creativity & Change
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cutting Carbon for economic advantage
  • eLearning
  • Future Trends
  • Creating Learning Organization
       Workshops on:
  • Strategic planning amid complexity
  • Creating Common Mission/Vision
  • Teamwork

Mr Harris has just been appointed the Program Director for the Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation just launched at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) at the Schulich School of Business at York University, recognized as the leading school and university for sustainability by a number of different organizations worldwide

Jim's Sustainability Clients include:

  • IBM: wrote a global white paper focusing on how low carbon leadership drives profitability
  • Wal-Mart: attended Quarterly Sustainability Meeting in Bentonville when Lee Scott was CEO
  • Cleantech: the venture capital organization that defined and promoted green investing
  • Governments on strategies for stimulating the growing the green economy
  • Property developers wanting to increase tenant retention
Mr. Harris was one of the first seven Canadians personally trained by Noble Prize winner Al Gore in Nashville to give his An Inconvenient Truth presentation. He gives these presentations free of charge.

Jim’s third book, Blindsided, is published in 80 countries worldwide and is a #1 international bestseller having hit the top position for business books on The Financial Times of London’s European edition. Jim’s second book, The Learning Paradox, was nominated for the National Business Book Award, and was ranked it as one of the top 10 business books in all of North America. Mr. Harris also co-authored the national bestseller The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada.

Bob Willard
Resources for Sustainability Champions
Bob Willard
Bob is a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability strategies and has given hundreds of keynote presentations to corporate, government, university, and NGO audiences. Bob applies his business and leadership experience from his 34-year career at IBM Canada to engage the business community in proactively avoiding risks and capturing opportunities associated with environmental and social issues.

He has authored three books: The Sustainability Advantage (2002), The Next Sustainability Wave (2005), and The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook (2009). In addition, his two DVDs, two spreadsheets, numerous webinars, and extensive Master Slide Set provide capacity-building resources for champions of sustainability. They provide quantified business justification for embracing sustainability strategies and proven guidance on how to transform organizations to sustainable enterprises.

Bob serves on the advisory boards of The Natural Step (TNS) Canada, Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF), and Durham Sustain Ability (DSA), and is a member of the Education Alliance for a Sustainable Ontario (EASO), the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change (DRRCC), and the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP).

He has a BSc from McGill University (1964) and an MEd (2000) and PhD (2005) from the University of Toronto. A resident of Ontario, he is the proud owner of two hybrid cars: a Toyota Camry Hybrid and a Honda Civic Hybrid.

More information about Bob and his resources for sustainability champions can be found at www.sustainabilityadvantage.com.

Donna-Mae Robinson
Manager, Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement
Ontario Public Service Green Office
Ministry of Government Services

Donna-Mae Robinson is the Manager of Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement with the Ontario Public Service (OPS) Green Office. The office was created in September 2008, within the Ministry of Government Services, to work with ministries to ensure there is an integrated approach to reducing the impact of government operations on the environment.

In her role, Donna-Mae leads OPS Green Office outreach activities, campaigns and events to embed environmental responsibility in the culture and day to day work of the OPS. Activities include the OPS Green Ideas Campaign, OPS Annual Earth Day Event, OPS Unplugged, the Clean Air Commute and fostering green teams. Donna-Mae has a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Management both from the University of Guelph.

Jon Wagner
Managing Director

Jon Wagner

Jon Wagner has provided high-impact Organizational Development consulting internationally for 35+ years in both the private and public sectors. His experiences including holding senior management roles at Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies , Oracle, Alcan and the Ontario Public Service.

Jon was a pioneer in working virtually (also know as telework or telecommuting) and was featured in a Hewlett Packard company magazine in 1984 as one of the first managers in that company to work virtually around the globe. Jon subsequently led a virtual team in implementing a global initiative to virtualize much of the Hewlett Packard workforce. Jon has led, supported and researched many virtual teams for over twenty years. He has also developed and delivered team and organizational effectiveness assessments, workshops, highly interactive webinars, and interventions for global and cross-cultural teams. He currently leads large-scale change projects and organizational transformations, focussing on organizations challenged with becoming more virtual. Jon is actively involved in the community through various projects and committees. He has been in various leadership roles for the Organizational Development Network, Boy Scouts, and the United Church. He is involved in helping find solutions for the Homeless. Jon has B.A.Sc. and a M.A.Sc. degrees from the University of Waterloo where he specialized in cross-cultural systems. Jon is President of J Wagner Consulting Inc. and the Managing Director of VirtualeTeams.

Russ Milland

Russ Milland
Russ Milland (BASc., MASc.) has over forty years of cross-industry experience working in senior roles in major companies such as Imperial Oil, Allied Signal Aerospace, Group Telecomm and Canada Life Assurance as well as providing consulting services to other large companies as well as smaller emerging companies. Russ pioneered the introduction of promising new approaches to business design and optimization using high payout advanced technologies throughout his career. Russ passionately believes in using cross-disciplinary virtual teams and supporting collaboration technologies to maximize the probability of success in major transformational change projects. To this end, he has expanded his areas of expertise to encompass business design and optimization and organizational transformation in addition to the development and implement of advanced technology-based systems solutions.
Angela McGonigal
Business Advisor
Ontario Police College
Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
Angela McGonigal
Angela leads the issues management, executive support and day-to-day operations of the Director’s Office at the Ontario Police College. Since joining the college, she’s launched and co-chairs an employee Green Team. Prior to joining the Ontario Police College, Angela served as the Issues Project Coordinator for the London District Office with the Ministry of Environment where she coordinated the ministry’s response to contentious files. Angela served as the Assistant Project Manager, and led the stakeholder consultation, on the development of Alberta’s Climate Change plan in 2007/08. Angela has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo.
Peter Love
Energy Services Association of Canada
Peter Love
Peter Love recently formed Love Energy Consultants Inc.’s to foster culture change as part of his commitment to advancing sustainability. He provides strategic advice as a consultant, associate, facilitator or director on an individual basis or as an associate with selected firms.

In 2005, Peter was recruited as Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer with the Ontario Power Authority where his focus was on providing leadership in electricity conservation and advancing a conservation culture in Ontario. He was a leader in setting among the most aggressive targets for conservation in North America and reported that Ontario met its first conservation target of a five percent peak demand reduction by the end of 2007.

Previously, Peter was the Executive Director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, co-founder of the Summerhill Group and was responsible for managing the R-2000 and Energy Star New Homes programs. An active volunteer, Love serves on the National Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency and the Greening Greater Toronto Task Force; previously, he was Chair of the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association and co-founder of the Movement Against Acid Rain.

No stranger to the concept of a “cultural shift” in the Province, early in his career Peter worked as a project coordinator for Pollution Probe with the team that developed the 3Rs campaign “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

In recognition of Peter’s commitment to sustainable buildings and energy efficiency, he was inducted into the EnerQuality/R-2000 Hall of Fame and earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from Sustainable Buildings Canada.

Peter has an MBA and BA from the University of Toronto and recently completed the Directors Education Program from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Lee Norton
Professional Engineer
Mechanical Services for Commercial Buildings
Lee Norton
Lee Norton is a professional engineer specializing in mechanical services for commercial buildings and he is a writer and editorial advisor for Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine. Lee was initially trained by Al Gore and is a certified speaker for the Climate Reality Project. He has presented to numerous local schools, colleges (Niagara & Mohawk) and universities (Brock & McMaster) as well as conferences (IAPA, Eco-Fest, Green Building Festival of Toronto, Wine Council of Ontario), local cities (Hamilton, Pelham), engineering associations (ASHRAE) and workplace seminars (The Mitchell Partnership, Johnson Controls, Aquatech, Inniskillen) among others.

Lee keeps pace with the accelerated developments in climate change and he presents up-to-date reviews of where we stand. His presentation, “3-Degrees” is continually being updated as new information is published.

Dianna Miller
Office of Energy Efficiency
Dianna Miller

She holds an education degree from the University of Saskatchewan and CAAP advertising accreditation from the ICA, but found her true calling upon entering the public service in Ottawa in 2000. After working in climate change communications at Environment Canada, Dianna made the move to the OEE to help commercial and institutional building owners and managers improve their energy performance. From there, she became senior advisor to the OEE’s Director General, and is now the Chief of Equipment Labelling programs in the Equipment Division, helping ensure that Canadian consumers have the information and tools they need to make wise energy choices.

From the ENERGY STAR label on select products, to the ENERGY STAR online calculator, to print and web publications, to ready-made purchasing toolkits and procurement training, Natural Resources Canada helps private and public sector organizations and individuals identify and choose energy efficient products for their homes and workplaces.

Michael van Aanhout
Michael van Aanhout

Michael joined Stratos in 2000 as a senior management consultant, became President in 2005 and Chairman in 2012. He works as a strategic advisor in public sector and corporate sustainability engagements, helping governments, businesses and not-for-profits improve performance, enhance reputation and build lasting value. His focus is working with leaders in Canada’s natural resource sectors and the North to recognize and act on environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities. In addition to strategy and management consulting, Michael works with clients and communities of interest to design, manage, and facilitate consultation and engagement processes on a range of sustainability issues. Prior to joining Stratos, Michael worked in a large national consulting firm, as an environmental manager in government and industry, and as an operational engineer.

Michael graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada, participated in the Leadership Forum at the University of Ottawa, School of Management Centre for Executive Education, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta.

James McKenzie
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
James Mckenzie

Mr. McKenzie joined the Office of the Auditor General of Canada as an auditor with the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development in September 1999, becoming a Director in 2002 and Principal in 2008. He has led numerous performance audits focusing on a environmental issues such as the ecological integrity in national parks, species at risk, the management of toxic substances and the production of severe weather warnings. Most recently he led performance audits on oil spills from ships (2010) and environmental science at Environment Canada (2011). He currently leads the Commissioner’s work on monitoring the federal government’s sustainable development strategy, which includes four themes: addressing climate change and air quality, maintaining water quality and availability, protecting nature, and greening government operations. He has a B.A. Honours (Geography) and a Masters of Arts (Public Administration), both from Carleton University.

Kari Swarbrick
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development
Office of the Auditor General of Canada

Kari Swarbrick is a Director with of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. She is currently working on performance audits within the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development group. Prior to joining the Office, Kari spent several years as an Investigator with the Law Society of Upper Canada and as a Management Consultant. Kari holds Masters degree in Public Administration jointly from the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Justice from Laurentian University. She also possesses several professional certifications including Certified Internal Auditor.

Steven Pacifico
Senior Project Manager
Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement
Delphi Group
Steven Pacifico

Steven is an energetic and motivated professional with extensive experience in corporate sustainability strategy, stakeholder and employee engagement, communicating and marketing sustainability issues to the public and private sector, and analyzing corporate social responsibility documentation. Steven currently works for the Delphi Group, as Senior Project Manager of Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement, with over 15 years’ experience and education in the environmental sector (Public, Private, and eNGO). His main experience is in helping organizations implement large scale programs focused on strategic sustainability programming. He also has extensive experience designing successful projects that use community-based social marketing in order to facilitate sustainable behaviour changes. His current focus is on employee engagement to enable these stakeholders to become stewards of sustainability within their organizations. He also has extensive experience with stakeholder engagement, public consultation, and facilitation.

He has a Master of Environmental Studies from York University in Applied Sustainable Development for Organizational Change. In addition, he has a Diploma in Business and Sustainability from the Schulich School of Business. His undergraduate degree is in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph, focusing on Environmental Impact Assessment and Protection.

Steven currently sits on the Board of the ICARUS Foundation which is a Canadian not-for-profit environmental, policy, research and education organization focused on sustaining a climate friendly tourism industry. He is also on the Program Advisory Committee for Centennial College’s Degree Program in Sustainable Tourism Development and has guest lectured at York University, Ryerson, and The University of Guelph.

Charlotte Young
Sustainability Engagement and Consensus-Building
Leapfrog Sustainablilty

Charlotte has over twenty-five years of experience providing facilitation, mediation and consensus building processes to create optimally functioning and sustainable organizations. Her work includes facilitating the development of employee engagement in sustainability programs at US Navy and the United States Department of Energy. She designs and leads events involving diverse organizational units and academic expertise and multiple jurisdictions that promote common understanding; encourage creative thinking; and enable groups to achieve broadly-supported, enduring solutions.

Charlotte holds a Ph.D. In Environmental Psychology from the University of Michigan, and M.S. in Natural Resources Communications, Michigan State University, and a B.S. In Biology/Ecology. She is a certified mediator from the Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago Bar Association, IL, a facilitator for True Colours personality strengths inventory and a graphic recorder.

William C. Dennison, Ph.D.
Vice President for Science Applications
University of Maryland
Center for Environmental Science
Cambridge, Maryland
Bill Dennison

Dr. Bill Dennison is a Professor of Marine Science and Vice President for Science Applications at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES). Dr. Dennison’s primary mission within UMCES is to coordinate the Integration and Application Network. The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science is one of two research and service institutions in the 13-institution University System of Maryland. UMCES is comprised of five laboratories distributed across the watershed of Chesapeake Bay within Maryland: Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons, the Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology in Baltimore, and the Maryland Sea Grant College in College Park.

Bill Dennison rejoined UMCES in 2002 following a ten year stint at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. He originally started at UMCES (then the Center for Environmental and Estuarine Science) in 1987 as a Post doctorate/Research Assistant Professor based at Horn Point Laboratory. In Australia, Bill developed an active Marine Botany group at the University of Queensland with strong links to the Healthy Waterways Campaign for Moreton Bay. Bill obtained his academic training from Western Michigan University (B.A., Biology & Environmental Science), the University of Alaska (M.S., Biological Oceanography), The University of Chicago (Ph.D., Biology), and State University of New York at Stony Brook at Stony Brook (Postdoc, Coastal Marine Scholar).

Dr. Dennison has published hundreds of papers and books and has presented at international, national, regional meetings, and at various universities, research institutions, and government agencies. Bill has also served in the capacity of President, Chair, Co-Chair, Deputy Director, Leader and Member on more than three dozen separate environmental councils, committees, groups and societies. He has provided graduate student supervision to numerous “up and coming” scientists through the PhD, Masters and Honors programs at both the University of Maryland and the University of Queensland.


Nelson Switzer
Director and Leader
Sustainable Business Solutions

Nelson Switzer

Nelson Switzer is a director with the Consulting and Deals practice within the Toronto office of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. He is the leader of the Sustainable Business Solutions group for the Greater Toronto Area and eastern Canada. Nelson oversees sustainability and corporate responsibility, which includes strategy and implementation, reporting and assurance, governance, risk management, responsible investing, stakeholder engagement and policy.

Nelson has led the environmental, corporate responsibility and sustainability functions for some of the world’s leading corporations and has advised businesses in the finance, energy, real estate, asset management, consumer goods and natural resource sectors, among others. He is credited for helping these organizations identify, manage and mitigate their environmental, social and economic challenges, enabling financial performance while preserving and protecting the natural and social capital on which our economy and communities depend.

Nelson holds a BSc (Biology) from the University of New Brunswick. He also obtained his MEng at the University of Toronto and was one of the first graduates to complete the Environmental Studies program at the same time. Nelson completed the Climate Change and Finance certificate through the United Nations in 2007 and in 2008, Nelson became a certified presenter of Al Gore's Climate Project and has delivered over 50 presentations to audiences around the world.

Nelson joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2012 following nearly 15 years of corporate and consulting experience.

Ben Longstaff (Ph.D)
Sub-watershed Planning & Source Water Protection
Ben Longstaff

Ben holds the position of Manager of Subwatershed Planning and Source Water Protection at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA). Before joining LSRCA he worked at the University of Maryland, supporting management of Chesapeake Bay through development of ecosystem health report cards. Between 2002 and 2004 Ben worked for the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency in Australia where he coordinated a large scale ecosystem health monitoring program. Ben obtained his PhD in aquatic biology from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2003.

Lisa Vanlint
Energy Steward
University Health Network
Lisa Vanlint

Lisa Vanlint is the Energy Steward at University Health Network (UHN) in their 13 years strong Energy and Environment Department. She previously acted as Greening Coordinator at St. Michael’s Hospital, and has extensive experience working with staff on all areas of sustainability. Recycling, composting, energy conservation, sustainable transportation and reduced use of toxics all fall under this umbrella. With a background in Communications and Project Management from University of Toronto and Ryerson, Lisa’s main focus is on employee engagement and behavior change. Lisa helps the many individuals and departments who wish to do the right thing to understand the what, how and why so that their actions can follow their intentions. And if they have fun doing it, all the better.

Andrew Moore
Planner & Facilitator
T'Sou ke First Nation
Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore trained as an Architect and specializes in community development. He has worked extensively with all levels of government, the private sector and grass roots organizations in the UK, Canada and S. Africa.

He has worked for the T’Sou-ke Nation for the last five years developing a comprehensive community plan and implementing many of the priority activities. One of these projects is an innovation and demonstration project creating clean renewable energy from the sun assisting T’Sou-ke to become the most solar intensive community in Canada. Another current project is a $4M Greenhouse to provide food for the Nation and large proportion of the surrounding community. All programs are aimed at leading the way back to a sustainable community once more.